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Respecting nature and its resources

Our practices are based on zero waste and locally sourced ingredients from growers, who are almost our neighbours. We have our own garden, and also forage and ferment certain ingredients. You can even power your electric car while you explore our culinary delights. We are proud to be the first restaurant in Slovenia to be Green Key certified.

Zero waste

Less food waste

We take our commitment to sustainability one step further with a zero-waste approach, which is reflected in our menus.

We strive to reduce food waste, reuse materials, compost, recycle and use sustainable packaging, underlining our overall commitment to environmental responsibility.

A zero-waste approach is key to creating a more sustainable future in the culinary world.

Quality local ingredients

Suppliers are also friends

We boast a well-established supply chain within a 50-km radius. We work in close partnership with local suppliers. This is how we reduce our carbon footprint and support local practices.

Our short and sustainable supply chain ensures the freshest and highest quality ingredients while reducing our restaurant’s ecological footprint.

We work with the Flis, Zupanc, Podpečan and Repovž farms, the Videc cheese farm, the Očko organic farm, and many others who contribute to the unique taste of our dishes.

We are not afraid of getting our hands dirty

Gardening and foraging

We have our own garden next to the restaurant, where we grow a variety of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers.Our garden is also a source of learning about farming practices, which we can then share with our suppliers. The chefs and staff are knowledgeable about the local flora, and the carefully select and harvest wild ingredients with respect for nature.

Foraging for ingredients allows us to discover unique flavours, textures and aromas that cannot be replicated with cultured ingredients. This adds an element of excitement and discovery to our culinary creations as we incorporate nature’s gifts into our dishes.


Traditional preservation techniques

Slovenia’s food-growing season is concentrated on the summer months. We use food fermentation in order to provide local ingredients even during winter.

By fermenting ingredients such as vegetables, fruit and dairy products, we reduce food waste and unlock a variety of complex and delicious flavours.

This approach also promotes our traditional food preservation techniques with a modern twist, which were practised by our ancestors long before modern refrigeration systems came into use.

JRE water

Saving water

Water conservation is one of the key aspects of our sustainability efforts. As part of JRE Slovenia, Gašper Puhan, the owner of Galerija okusov, has co-created a project focusing on water saving. The project promotes Slovenian premium tap water, as most restaurants in Slovenia still use plastic water bottles.

The Steklarna Hrastnik glasswork, which is known in Europe for its exceptionally clean glass production, was also involved. By using the bottle, together with all the information we share, the aim is to educate staff and guests about the importance of saving water and encourage everyone to contribute to the conservation of this precious resource.

Green Key and Green Cuisine


We understand the importance of preserving the environment and are proud to have been awarded the Green Key Environmental Certification, the leading standard of excellence in environmental responsibility and sustainability in the tourism sector..

Gašper Puhan is frequently involved in various groups that create strategic local and national documents in the gastronomy sector. As a restaurant, we are proud to have in the past strategically implemented the Green Scheme in the gastronomy sector together with the Slovenian Tourist Board. As a result, we were among the first to be awarded the Green Cuisine certificate, which further strengthens our participation in green projects in the hospitality sector and reinforces our commitment to respecting green schemes in our business.

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To provide you with a complete culinary experience, a reservation is obligatory.

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