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Life, trapped in a bottle

Local and global selection of wines

That, which a winemaker combines from the terroir, nature and their own expertise, is what gives the world of wines its limitless colors. Each new bottle is a special story and a life within itself. Experiencing our wines is complemented by our other beverages, but it’s the wine that our story revolves around. It is the passion of the owner and CEO and you can feel it in our winery.

Vinska karta

Wine list

Locally and globally

Slovenia, its neighboring countries, the world. Old and new. Unlimited possibilities are an inspiration for the wine hedonist.

Spirits list

The beginning, end and everything in between

Among the many options of spirits and alcoholic beverages there is always something new.

Karta žganj
Karta vod in napitkov

List of waters and beverages

A non-alcoholic refreshment

As the base or accompaniment. The importance of choosing the right type of water and other beverages upgrades the culinary experience to the levels of perfection.


A fusion of tastes

The complexity of various possibilities is what convinces us and spices up our everyday lives.


Give your loved ones something special

With one gift make two happy
Galerija okusov

The cuisine is socializing at a pleasant gastronomic offer. Pamper your loved ones and make their culinary experience special.


Michellin Plate 2020
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To provide you with a complete culinary experience, a reservation is obligatory.

Galerija okusov