Terms and conditions


I.               General

General requirements apply for the purchase of gift vouchers of the issuer Galerija okusov d.o.o. Novo Celje 9, 3301 Petrovče on the web page www.galerijaokusov.si.

Galerija okusov d.o.o. (seller) offers the online buyer (buyer) a preview of the offer and price i. e. value of gift vouchers in advance. The value of a gift voucher is marked by the buyer. Gift voucher have a regular value of 75,00Eur, 100Eur, 125Eur, 150Eur, 200Eur in 400Eur. VAT is included in the price of the gift voucher. Gift vouchers are transferable and can be redeemed for services and products on offer by the seller.

The buyer receives a confirmation of purchase via e-mail.

Online sale is enabled 24 hours per day.

The seller retains the right to change the general requirements at any time without prior notice. It is important to emphasize that the purchase is regulated by the general requirements applicable on the date of purchase.

II.               Purchase

The web page www.galerijaokusov.si enables the purchase of gift vouchers with marked values.

For every online purchase the buyer must accept the terms and conditions of the online sale of gift vouchers. By confirming the purchase of the gift voucher, the buyer expressly agrees to be entirely acquainted with the stipulations of the afore-mentioned general terms, accepts and confirms them.

The buyer first chooses the gift voucher with the desired value from a list and adds it to the basket. The buyer can add an unlimited number of gift vouchers to the basket, where all vouchers are subject to the same terms and conditions of purchase.

During the purchasing process, the buyer provides i. e. enters the following information:

  • Name and last name
  • e-mail address
  • telephone number

They then mark the manner of payment and the manner of delivery of the gift voucher.

After completing the online purchase, the buyer receives an e-mail with the confirmation of purchase alongside all order information.

III.               Payment, delivery

The price for the purchased gift vouchers is paid by the buyer via the web page, i.e. PayPal, credit card (via PayPal), via seller’s pro forma invoice or in person at the seller’s cash register. The buyer marks the manner of payment. Paying online via bank card is made in an environment, protected and managed by the company PayPal, acknowledged by banking institutions.

The buyer chooses manner of delivery of gift vouchers either via e-mail in the form of a pdf document or at the seller’s place of business Galerija okusov d.o.o., Novo Celje 9, 3301 Petrovče after having pre-ordered. The buyer may claim the gift vouchers at the seller’s place of business during opening hours of the restaurant.

IV.               Responsibility, cancellation, replacement

The seller is not to be held responsible if the buyer does not claim the ordered gift voucher in pdf form, sent via e-mail or does not claim it in person at the seller’s place of business.

The seller is also not responsible, if the buyer loses or destroys the gift voucher or otherwise renders its usage impossible. The seller does not issue duplicate gift vouchers.

Validity of gift vouchers is 1 (one) year from the issue date. In order to use the gift voucher, prior reservations have to be made at the e-mail address info@galerijaokusov.si or phone number +386 31 657 605. The holder of the gift voucher shall present the gift voucher while redeeming it at the seller's restaurant.

It is not possible to exchange the gift voucher for cash. It is also not possible to extend its validity or exchange it in the event of losing, destroying or damaging it. In the afore-mentioned instances the buyer is not entitled to compensation. The gift voucher can only be redeemed for the entire amount and it can only be redeemed once.

The gift voucher is redeemable within the extent of information provided on it:

  • identification number
  • value of gift voucher
  • issue date of voucher
  • issue date of voucher
  • with the issuer’s signature

The buyer is entitled to put into force the seller’s responsibility for factual errors within deadlines and according to the law on consumer protection.

The buyer has a right to notify the seller within 14 days of claiming the gift voucher that they withdraw from the contract and return the gift voucher(s) to the seller without having to give a reason for their decision (this applies only for natural persons, who receive the gift voucher for reasons outside their gainful activity). The costs for returning the gift vouchers in this instance is carried by the buyer.

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal the buyer must inform the seller (Galerija okusov d.o.o., Novo Celje 9, 3301 Petrovče, info@galerijaokusov.si) with an unequivocal statement regarding their decision to withdraw from the contract (i. e. by letter by post or e-mail). For this, the buyer can use the attached sample withdrawal form.

In order for the withdrawal deadline to be taken into account, it is sufficient to send the notice regarding the buyer’s withdrawal from the contract before the withdrawal date expires.

Form to enforce the buyer’s right to withdraw from the contract

Galerija okusov d.o.o., Novo Celje 9, 3301 Petrovče, info@galerijaokusov.si

I hereby inform you that I am withdrawing from the contract of the mentioned goods

Ordered on the date:
Received on the date:
Buyer’s name and last name:
Buyer’s address:
Location, date and buyer’s signature

V.               Security and privacy of personal information

The seller is hereby bound to protect the privacy of personal information of online users. The gathered information will be used solely for the purpose in which they were collected or were provided by the buyer as well as to improve the web page experience. We will not use either personal or contact information for any other purposes without the explicit consent of the web page user nor will we reveal them to third parties apart from the instances, stipulated by law. We will do everything in our power to protect the web page user’s data from any infringement or violation.

All personal data of the buyer is stored in the seller’s database, except the credit or bank card data. This information is processed on the bank’s web page and they need to be provided again in the event of another purchase. Protecting and processing payment data from credit cards and bank cards is taken care of by the bank, which ensures safe transactions.

All data provided by the buyer remains exclusively in the possession of the seller and protected in accordance with the laws that regulate personal data protection. They will be used solely with the buyer’s consent and in such a way, to enable the seller to ensure a smooth web purchase process. At the buyer’s request the information will be used for informing the buyer of notifications, offers and novelties.

VI.               Other

In the event of complaints, order cancellations, reclamation requests or further information regarding ordering and online purchases, the buyer may call the phone number +386 31 657 605 or write an e-mail to info@galerijaokusov.si.

In accordance with Paragraph 3. Article 32. of the law for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes (IRPS), the seller states that he or she does not acknowledge any IRSP service provider as an authority for solving consumer disputes, which may occur during the course of an online sale under these general terms and conditions.

The confirmation of purchase that the buyer receives via e-mail, cannot replace the gift voucher and the buyer cannot use it in exchange for services. At the point of sale (in the restaurant) of the seller, the buyer must present only the gift voucher that they receive via e-mail in pdf form or claims it personally at the seller’s place of business.

Personal data protection

The company Galerija okusov d.o.o. respects the importance of personal data protection and uses your data in accordance with the General data protection regulation act (GDPR).

The personal data is acquired from various online and written sources with your approval. The information that we may keep for the purpose of informing you are:

  • name and last name,
  • demographical data (eg. gender, age, date of birth),
  • contact information (eg. web address, phone number),
  • information regarding participation in events and shopping habits.

In the interest of efficient collaboration and in respect for the law we ensure each individual a right to:

  • access to personal data (overview),
  • correcting and adding personal data,
  • limiting personal data processing,
  • transfer of personal data,
  • erasing personal data (“a right to forget”),
  • objection.

Your acquired information will be used only for notification purposes about:

  • general information,
  • novelties,
  • promotions,
  • events,
  • marketing and advertising content,
  • prize competitions.

In order to cancel or change your acceptance of personal data usage or if you have any questions regarding your personal data, please contact us at info@galerijaokusov.si

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